1992- 2002                    Private Classical Piano Education under Mag. Andreas Seipp

1992- Current               Self taught free improvisation and composition

2008- 7/2012                Bachelor of Arts in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna, Austria

01/2013                         Established as a full time pianist and composer

08/2013                         First album released "Soundtrack Empfang der Ehrengäste"

2013- Current               Private tutorship and teaching for children and adults with emphasis on aural training,                                                                    creative development, improvisation and composition









                                       (Playing with my piano student Lena, age 7; a simplified composition                                                                                                    of mine with her improvisation)


2013- 2016                     Live Music in several 5* hotels in Vienna, Austria, Switzerland and Viennese Café Houses,                                                               as well as performances at special events (weddings, exhibitions, birthdays) and various                                                                   theater performances with original music 

2017- Current                Live Music and performances at various events in the US including the Black Hills Unity                                                                   Concert in SD, Native Voice TV in San Jose, CA, Run for Salmon Benefit Concert in San Jose,                                                             CA 



03/2013- 05/ 2013       Composition of the soundtrack for the theater production "Empfang der Ehrengäste" by                                                                    Riccarda Russo, live performance of the piece at Ateliertheater Reloaded in Vienna, Austria                                                              and at the student theater festival in Brno, Czech Republic 2013

12/2013- 02/2014

and 10/2014                  Scoring of the scenes, musical arrangement and live performance at all performances in                                                                    February and October of 2014 of the theater production "Hotel California", by Nina                                                                            C. Gabriel at Ateliertheater Reloaded, Burggasse 71, 1070 Vienna, Austria  




















07/2014- 07/2016       Regular live music in the lobby of Palais Hansen Kempinski, Schottenring 24, 1010 Vienna,                                                               AT

















09/2014-07/2015       Regular live music at Café Museum, Operngasse 7, 1010 Vienna, AT



















10/2014                   Accompaniment of the theater piece "Oloi's Beitrag" in collaboration with the Reactor                                                                        Ensemble Vienna, performed at Ateliertheater Reloaded


































09/2014-07/2016        Occasional live music at the Grand Hotel Vienna, Kärntner Ring 9, 1010 Vienna, AT

































11/2014                      Piano Concert for the private view of "Skulpturen Werkschau von Anselm Reiter" in Vienna,                                                             AT 


12/2014-01/2015     One month-long seasonal live music residency as a pianist in the Restaurant "Les Saisons"                                                                at Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, Via Mezdi 27, 7500 St. Moritz, Switzerland 

















01/2015                     Live piano music at a wedding at Palais Hansen Kempinski, Vienna, AT























06/2016                     Piano concert/performance with visionary art video projections at the summer solstice event                                                            at the Academy of Visionary Art, Vienna, Austria

2015-2016                 Live music at Hotel Restaurant Kaiser Franz Josef, Sieveringerstraße 4, 1190 Vienna, AT

01/2018-04/2018     Piano accompaniment of the musical "Nunsense" at Ferndale Repertory Theater, CA






















07/2018                     Live performance at the Humboldt Folklife Festival

07/2018                    Live music at the Suicide Awareness event, Weitchpeck, CA






















2013-2019              Composition of the album "Journey through hidden Kingdoms", by Katharina Meerle                                                                         Music; Release date autumn 2019

July 2019                Live Performance at the annual Humboldt Folklife Festival

©2019 by Katharina Meerle Music

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